Prior to the establishment of Texian Priory No. 78, a number of distinguished York Rite Masons who had presided over one or more York Rite Masonic Bodies in Bexar County had been elected to membership in Texas Priory No. 23 which was chartered October 10, 1945, but were deceased at the time of the organization of Texian Priory No. 78, with the exception of one Knight who chose not to affiliate as a Charter Member but affiliated at a later date after the Charter was granted. These Knights are as follows:

Name Date Received
Texas Priory 23 No.
National No.

William Harvey Wallace November 15, 1945
James Gardner Kizer April 15, 1946
Herbert Philip Hoglund April 15, 1946
Gus Lovis Meyer April 29, 1947
John S. Welch April 13, 1953
Daniel N. Cushing April 13, 1953
H. Loren Thompson December 3, 1962
M. Roy Keith April 13, 1964
Alvin Clyde Hardin April 12, 1970
Walden Ellwood Shelton May 11, 1973
Everett A. Weaver September 1, 1973
James Stimpel Fields June 15, 1974
William C. Young September 3, 1977
Theo R. Jett September 2, 1978
John Paul Jones December 4, 1978
Reader H. Grant April 22, 1979

Minutes of Organizational Conclave
JUNE 18, 1994

The Organizational (Initial) Conclave of this Priory was opened in ritualistic form by Eminent Prior Reese L. Harrison, Jr., at 3:00 p.m., June 18, 1994, in a lodgeroom in the Scottish Rite Cathedral, 308 Avenue E, San Antonio, Bexar County, Texas, with the following officers and/or pro-tems present:

Eminent Prior
Reese L. Harrison, Jr, Past Prior
Knight Deputy Prior
Obie L. Etheridge
Knight Warder
Gerald F. Nowotny
Knight Treasurer
Wallace R. Courtney
Knight Registrar
Frank E. Draper, Jr.
Knight Prelate
Malcolm Alexander, excused
Conrad R. Carr, pro-tem
Knight Orator
Harry Sinco
Knight Herald
Jack E. Beeler

Others Knights present were:

Garland T. Adams
Alexander Barragan, Jr.
Jesus A. Garza
Frank C. Jones
Julius V. Joseph
Wm. Gaston Parsons
Raymond Rovira
William R. West

The call of this Organizational Conclave dated June 3, 1994 is attached to these minutes.

The Eminent Prior presented an explanation of the concept of the purpose of the organization of this Priory, it being the last Priory to be organized in Texas.

The Eminent Prior reviewed the administrative procedures which had previously been taken to petition for the Priory, including the letter of transmittal dated April 11, 1994 attached hereto, and the undated approval of the Dispensation which was not received until May 23, 1994, a copy which is attached hereto. A copy of the Dispensation dated April 21, 1994 is attached hereto.

The Eminent Prior stated the Warrant (Charter) of this Priory with an assigned number would be approved at the Annual Conclave of the Convent General to be held on November 12, 1994 at Williamsburg, Virginia and that he would attend that conclave to receive the Charter.

He noted that all who became members of this Priory prior to the granting of the Charter by the Convent General would be "Charter Members." He reported that twenty-six (26) names were on the petition for this Priory and that at this conclave there were only twenty-five (25) Charter Members. Knight William N. Corder, of Robstown, Texas who died May 29, 1994, will be considered as a Charter Member.

A memorial service for Knight William N. Corder was held by the Eminent Prior, with the assistance of the Deputy Prior who reviewed the long record of service in public education and his Masonic contributions and accomplishments. The Priory was called up for prayer in Knight Corder's memory.

The Bylaws attached to these minutes were adopted with the following standard operating procedures:

  1. The first Eminent Prior, Knight Reese L. Harrison, Jr., was from the northern portion of the South Central Texas geographic area which comprises this Priory because he being a Past Prior. The Deputy Prior, Knight Obie L. Etheridge, was from the southern portion of the area because he is presently the Right Excellent Grand King of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas and the first member of this Priory who may be eligible to be a Knight York Grand Cross of Honour. The Eminent Prior will thereafter be selected alternately from the northern/southern areas. The northern area to select one to begin in the line based on seniority as a Knight of the York Cross of Honour. The senior living Knight who has presided over a York Rite Body in San Antonio is Knight Jack L. Hall. Because of the illness of his wife he, at this time, is unable to make a commitment to serve; however, the Priory agreed that at any such time as he indicates a willingness to serve, Knight Hall will be placed in the line when it is time for the northern area to select one to begin in the line of officers.
  2. The Annual Conclave will be held in San Antonio or Corpus Christi based on which geographic area (northern/southern) of the Priory the incoming Eminent Prior resides, and if possible on the same date as the Assembly of the York Rite College in the geographic area. The 1995 Annual Conclave will be in Corpus Christi.
  3. Stated Conclaves will be in San Antonio in August on the traditional "York Rite Day in San Antonio" in conjunction with the Assembly of Texian York Rite College No. 60, at which time nominations to membership will be accepted; in Corpus Christi in January, after the installation of officers of the Commanderies of Knights Templar in the Priory's geographic area, at which time nominations to membership will be accepted.
  4. Special Conclaves will be called by the Prior after nominations are accepted, as soon as convenient, for the reception of candidates in a city most convenient to the majority of candidates.
  5. If possible, all Conclaves of the Priory, be it Annual or Stated, or Special, will be held in conjunction with an Assembly of the- York Rite College in the geographic area hereafter defined.
  6. In addition to the one time fee of One Hundred Fifty Dollars ($150.00) each candidate will be required to pay in advance the current cost for the General Emblem of the Order with multi-colored cord. A lapel pin emblematic of the General Emblem of the Order will be provided by the Priory at no additional cost to the candidate. Other jewelry desired by any Knight will be ordered, for him, at the Knight's expense, from James H. Foreman, Registrar of Ohio Priory No. 18, KYCH, Vickery, Ohio.
  7. In addition to the one time fee of $30.00 for affiliation, each petitioner will be expected to purchase, if he does not already possess one, the General Emblem of the Order with multi-colored cord. Purchase of a lapel pin emblematic of the General Emblem of the Order is optional.
  8. The northern geographic area of the Priory will include San Antonio, Austin, Seguin, Gonzales and the Western part of the State of Texas including Del Rio, Pecos, Alpine, Fort Stockton, Midland, Odessa and El Paso. The southern area to extend to Corpus Christi, Brownsville, McAllen, Victoria and Port Lavaca.

The Eminent Prior noted that Annual Report as of June 30 must be submitted to Convent General by July 31st.

The General Regulations of the Order do not provide for a "formal" installation of officers. Therefore, those named as officers in the Petition for this Priory are automatically installed in their respective offices and are to serve until the formal Warrant is issued at which time they are to be continued in office until the Annual Conclave in May 1995.

Paraphernalia for the Priory to be procured or donated by members:

Four electric candles with appropriate colored bulb
Covering for Crown
Altar Cover
Lecturers to provide own aprons and Templar uniform.

The Eminent Prior is to obtain Federal ID Tax Number. The Treasurer and Registrar to open a bank account at Plaza Bank, San Antonio.

All attachments mentioned herein are incorporated by reference as if set forth verbatim herein.

The Priory was closed 4:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Frank E. Draper, Jr.


Reese L. Harrison, Jr., P.P.
Eminent Prior


Eminent Prior
Reese L. Harrison, Jr.
Eminent Deputy Prior
Obie L. Etheridge
Knight Warder
Gerald F. Nowotny
Knight Treasurer
Wallace R. Courtney
Knight Registrar
Frank E. Draper, Jr.*
Knight Prelate
Malcolm Alexander*
Knight Orator
Harry Sinco
Knight Herald
Jack E. Beeler, DDS



Garland T. Adams
Thomas B. Ball, DDS
Ricky D. Barnes
Alexander Barragan, Jr.
Jack E. Burton
Conrad R. Carr*
Graham H. Childress
William N. Corder*
Frank M. DeHay, Jr.
Wayne A. Gallion
Jesus A. Garza
Glyn H. Goff
Jack L. Hall*
H. John Heidenreich*
Bob E. Hensley*
Louis E. Herrick*
James N. Higdon
Frank Cockems Jones*
Julius V. Joseph*
Raymond Rovira*
Joe F. Schriever
William R. West



Edward R. Saunders, Jr., Grand Master General
October 29, 1994
Donald E. Friend, Deputy Grand Master General
October 29, 1994
Donald L. Smith, Grand Seneschal
October 29, 1994
James M. Willson, Jr., Grand Prelate
October 29, 1994
Alin E. Lehman, Past Grand Master General, Grand Registrar General
January 21, 1995
David L. Hargett, Jr., Grand Marshal
January 21, 1995
Ernest Berry, Grand Prelate
January 21, 1995



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